Cafe/Restaurant lunch

Restaurant Wadden Sea Mandø offers both cold and warm dishes or a cup of freshly brewed coffee / tea with home baking!
We also welcome groups / bus companies. Please book a room in advance!
Opening hours:
Restaurant Wadden Sea Mandø is open
according to Mandøbussen’s timetable in the following Periods from Easter up to and including 26. Octob
Lunch menu. Beverages.

Nb.1. Summer Menu.
Fish fillet with  remoulade and lemon.
Eggs with mayonnaise.
Meatball and red cabbage.
Bread and butter.
    119 kr.
Nb.2. Klithus menu.
Eggs with mayonnaise.
Homemade meatballs and red cabbage.
Mandø lamb sausage with fat. 
Bread and butter.
    125 kr.
Nb.3. Fish Plate.
Herring, Salmon & ½ Egg with shrimp.
Bread and butter.
  145 kr.
Nb.4. Cold plate.
1/2 Eggs with shrimp.
White wine steamed salmon with dill dressing.
Smoked sirloin with pesto and parmesan cheese.
Bread and butter.
145 kr.
Nb.5. Shooting Star.
2 Fried and 1 white wine steamed fish fillet with prawns,
caviar and dressing on French bread.
179 kr.
Nb.6. Sandwich Vegetarian.
With Quinoa steak, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sprouts and relish.
Nb.7. Sandwich with crispy chicken, cheddar, lettuce,
tomato, cucumber and relish.
89 kr.
Nb.8. Sandwich smeared with mayonnaise.
With meatballs and red cabbage, salad and grape cucumber,
80 kr.
Nb.9. Sandwich smeared with mayonnaise.
With eggs and shrimps, lettuce, tomato and cucumber.
 80 kr.
Nb.10. Fish fillet and bread.
1 fish fillet with remoulade, lemon, bread and butter.
75 kr.
Nb.11. Meatballs and bread.
3 homemade meatballs with red cabbage,
bread and butter.
69 kr.
Nb.12. Herring, eggs and bread.
Herring with whole egg, curry salad, bread and butter.
75 kr.
Nb.13. Shrimp on French bread.
French bread smeared with mayonnaise, shrimp,
lemon and greens.
85 kr.
Nb.14. Cheese on bread.
French bread greased with butter, cheese and garnish.
45 kr.
Nb.15. Sold only in May, June, September and October.
Danish version of Bubble and squeak with beetroot, mirror eggs and bread.
  99 kr.
Nb.16. French fries with crispy chicken75 kr.
Nb.17. French fries with Nuggets.65 kr.
Nb.18. French fries with fish fillet.
You can buy 1 extra fish fillet for.
75 kr. 
30 kr.
Nb.19. French fries.45 kr.
Extra Ketchup, Remoulade or French fries sauces.per item
3 kr.
For allergens inquire at checkout in Restaurant.
Sincerely the staff.